Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1972 HONDA CL450K5- Project


The Honda CL450 was a 4-stroke 450cc street motorcycle built by Honda between 1967 and 1974. The CL designation indicated this model to be the "Scrambler" version which implied some off-road capability prior to actual dirt-bikes gaining popularity. The CL series of bikes were actually street bikes with a higher rear fender, a braced handlebar, and a high-mount exhaust.

The sister bike to the Honda CB450, the CL450 is the dual sport or "scrambler" model of Honda's 444cc DOHC parallel twin engined motorcycle. Although the difference between both models are mostly cosmetic, the CL450's higher pipes, knobby tires, and aggressive styling were better suited for off-road riding.

Initially available in kit form for the 1967 CB450, it was officially released in 1968 as the CL450K1 "Scrambler" in candy red and candy blue colors (only the tank and air filter covers were painted). This year also saw the addition of a 5-speed gearbox, an upgrade from the older 4-speed.

The CL450 remained much the same through 1974, though diverged further from it's sister bike as time went on. While the CB450 went to a front disc brake in 1970, Honda decided to keep the CL450 with it's two drum brakes. Disc brakes were fairly new technology on motorcycles, and unproven in off-road riding. The CL450 was replaced in 1975 when Honda increased the displacement of the engine and renamed it the Honda CB500T.

The bike remains popular today among enthusiasts, and many are still in use in flat track racing or have been modified into cafe racers.

This babys pretty rough, but it only has about 1700 original miles. The plans are bore the engine, valve job with spring conversion, new mikuni carbs, new subframe, swap out the forks with some USD's, and build an exhaust among many others.

**UPDATE DEC 16th 2013**

The major work is done on the frame. Changed the subframe and shock mounts and added additional braces under the tank. Still need to add the electronics tray and a couple of brackets. You can also see the beginnings of the tank , knee dents dented, filled, and primed. 

The next update should be the completed engine and transmission along with the rebuilt wheels.

**UPDATE JAN 18th 2014**

Frame is finished (except for paint), electronics tray and seat brackets installed. Waiting for delivery of Racetech springs for the forks to complete the suspension. Also fabricated the new aluminum seat pan and sent it off to the upholsterer to get padding and covered in leather. Will post some photos once we get it back and the frame is painted and assembled into a rolling chassis.

As for the engine, tranny checks out, installed new kevlar clutch plates and heavy duty springs to accommodate the added power this puppys going to produce. Currently working on top end, valve train, boring cylinders, etc., before reassembly.

We unfortunately had a small set back with the tank so will have to start with a new (old) one.

The wheels have been reassembled, trued, and balanced after a good polish with new spokes and nipples, and fresh tires. We also made custom spacers and bushings for the front wheel to fit the new forks.

**UPDATE MAR 13th 2014**

Front suspension is completed. Forks were lowered and new Race Tech springs have been cut and installed. Installed new tapered steering head bearings and custom spacers on the steering stem.

Top end work is done and ready to be reassembled. Converted the valve train from the original torsion bar set up to coil springs along with new valves, guides, cam bearings, polished cam lobes, ported intake and exhaust, decked the head, machined spacers for the intake boots to accommodate the new Mikuni VM32 carbs, and new rubber guides on all cam chain rollers.  Also bored the cylinders to 498cc and will install new 10.6:1 high compression pistons, pins, and rings from Team Hansen Honda.

** Update APR 27th 2014**

Engine is assembled and in frame. Wiring is done, exhaust is tacked together and ready to be finished. Just a few finishing touches to do to the tank. Almost there!

** Update June 4 2014**

Well, shes all done. Head on over here to see the finished product!

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