Saturday, August 2, 2014

1968 YAMAHA AS1-C- Project


The first of the real giant killers

Introduced in 1968, the Yamaha YAS1 defies all motorcycle logic, even by today’s standards of miniaturization. As a development of the previous Yamaha roadster twin designs, the vertically split, twin-cylinder engine is compact and powerful, this in turn is wrapped in an equally diminutive frame that does its best to hold the wheels inline and weighs next to nothing in the bargain. Once on the move and buzzing away in its sharp power band however, the truth emerges, the 125cc two-stroke is more than a match for machinery several times the capacity.  The main differences between the AS1 and the AS1-C are the high exhaust pipes, slightly raised front fender, the braced handlebar, and that the forks are covered with boots instead of the metal covers.