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1965 HONDA CB160- Project

1965 HONDA CB160- Project

Another iconic bike for many Honda enthusiasts, fondly known as "Chicken Hawks" or "Baby Hawks" the CB160 Super Sport models were nimble, light, and within the reach of many new enthusiasts who were moving up from Cubs or Benlys to the world of 'real' motorcycles. 

When the 160 series were released they were labled both CB93 and CB96 as well as CB125 and CB160! Honda further confused observers by marking the whole series without the 'C' designator on the frame and engine numbers. CB160's were 'B160', while the CL and CA types were also similarly marked 'L160' and 'A160'.

In the early 60's Honda called their bikes by model code then the displacement code. By the mid 60's there was a decision to begin to identify the bikes by ther displacement sizes. The CB125 and 160 where caught in the middle and identified by both the early and later names.

Starting life in Japan as the CB95, this was an over bored CB93 or CB125 as it was also known, the bore being taken out to 50mm from 44mm, making a rev happy 16.5bhp @ 10500 RPM. This was backed up by the CR93 race style chassis.

Today these bikes and their seemingly unbreakable engines are used to the maximum design potential in AHRMA vintage racing circles across the US. Bikes are raced in both near stock condition, as well as highly modified. They are great bikes for novice racers, due to their reliability and stable high speed handling. With 180mm DLS brakes on front and 180mm SLS on back, they have just about the right amount of braking power for most situations.

Just picked her up. For this one we are thinking a mostly stock rebuild showcasing the frame. We will lighten this baby up as much as possible, make a 2-1 exhaust, and fiberglass seat pan to start.

** Update May 11th 2014**

Frame and bits to be sandblasted.

Upon disassembling the engine, the cylinders look to be in good shape and are within spec. Looks like it will need a fresh hone and a new set of rings for the pistons. The head will be taken apart, cleaned, and valves lapped. All parts are on order and should be arriving shortly.

** Update June 1st 2014**

Rear hoop, electronics tray, and seat brackets have been fabricated and welded on to the frame. After all unnecessary tabs and brackets were removed, the frame got a fresh coat of paint. The overall color scheme of the bike will be navy blue and silver, with a few hints of chrome. The engine was treated to new piston rings, clips, seals, and gaskets along with valve clean up and lapping. Carbs were vapor blasted and let to breathe with new pod filters. New rims and spokes installed, hubs and linkage cleaned up. 2 into 1 exhaust is fabricated and ready to rock.

Tires and a few other odds and ends will be in and installed shortly and the bike will be ready to reassemble.

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I just bought a 1965 Honda and not sure what I have. Could you take a peak at it and help me out.

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